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42nd Street

Show Dates:

October 21st - November 6th, 2005

A Celebration of Broadway Itself!

We are thrilled to have done this show with one of the most talent casts I have ever worked with...

Production & Rehearsal Shots

Cast List
Dorothy Brock Bonnie Horgos
Peggy Sawyer Emily Marsilia
Maggie Jones Lexi Martz
Julian Marsh Abrefa Busia
Bert Barry Wesley Ensminger
Billy Lawlor Antony Avila-Dillon
Andy Lee George Wise
Pat Denning Brian Schulze
Abner Dillon Jordan Sidfield
Ann Reilly Heidi Ramee
Phyllis Bryn Morgan
Lorraine Diana Fitts
Gladys Talia Landes
Diane Arielle Vakni
Ethel Caroline Simmons
Mac Correll Barca-Hall
Oscar Sage Barca-Hall
Frankie/Waiter Cameron Moody
Thugs Cameron Moody & Correll-Barca-Hall
Doctor Cameron Moody
Mollie* Rachel Lebow
Frances* Cody Rogers
Robin* Alexandra Hamb
Della* Melissa Lewis
Bobbie* Katelyn Laird
Jessie Kelly Lewis
Jean Aly Pomerantz
Gloria Camille Scelfo-Dalbey
Lois Canaan Lewin-Welsh
Dolores Chelsea Hanlock

* Sunnyside soloists


42nd Street is the address of the theatre that is home to the company whose fortunes we follow in the show. Voices are heard around the theatre announcing the new show 'Pretty Lady', as the curtains are opened on the audition scene. We are introduced to the full cast, choreographer, Andy Lee, the writers, Bert and Maggie, and the lead Billy Lawlor. Young Peggy Sawyer rushes in too late, and has missed her chance to join the chorus , because she had been trying to muster the courage to enter the stage door. Billy is instantly attracted to her and tries to help, but the director Julian Marsh has his own problems.

Dorothy Brock, the glamourously old leading lady, has not had a hit in 10 years and this show may be beyond her. What Dorothy does bring, however, is money in the form of Abner Dillon, her 'sugar daddy', (or as the gossip goes). Julian must attempt to cope with a tempremental Dorothy, a fussy Abner, and the annoyance of Dorothys old flame Pat Denning who is always there to stir up trouble.

After being invited to share lunch with one of the co-writers Maggie Jones, and the other dancers, Peggy impresses them with her fast tap feet, and is hired instantly by Julian. Things are going well for the looming opening of Pretty lady. Pretty Lady opens to much speculation, and when Dorothy rushes on stage she slips (or is pushed) and breaks her ankle. Panic spreads through the company, as the show is doomed for closure, until it is suggested that Peggy take the roll. Peggy, 'the novice', has 'exactly thirty-six hours to learn twenty-five pages, six songs, and ten dance numbers'. By the next evening Julian will either have ' a live leading lady or a dead chorus girl'.

Will the fresh chorus girl, now thrust into the spot-light, win the audience in the way she won the cast?

Song List

  • Overture
  • Audition
  • Shadow Waltz
  • Young and Healthy
  • Go Into Your Dance
  • You're Getting To Be a Habit With Me
  • Getting Out of Town
  • We're In the Money
  • Dames
  • Sunny Side To Every Situation
  • Lullaby of Broadway
  • About a Quarter To Nine
  • Shuffle Off To Buffalo
  • 42nd Street
  • Finale: 42nd Street (Reprise)
  • Bows
  • Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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