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CATS the Musical

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CATS - Buy Your Tickets Now

$18.00 Reserved Seating
$15.00 General Admission
$10.00 Seniors and Students

Total: $0.00

If all the available online tickets have been sold, please contact one of our other box offices, or call the main All About Theatre phoneline: (831) 345-6340. Tickets will be available at the door for every show !!!

Performances are at the Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz.

Buy your tickets in advanced to ensure you have a seat, although tickets will be available at the door!

Show Dates

April 24th - May 9th, 2009.
3 weekends of shows available
Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street

Friday May 1st - 7pm
Saturday May 2nd - 7pm
Sunday May 3rd - 2pm

Friday May 8th - 7pm
Saturday May 9th - 2pm & 7pm
Sunday May 10th - NO SHOWS

CATS Opening Weekend

CATS in the Making (tech week)

Show Information

Written By: T.S. Eliot
Music By: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics By: Andrew Lloyd Webber


CATS Cast List - PDF file

*** Please read the entire list as your name may be listed more than once...!

If you cannot open it please email a friend to get the list OR email Julie Zeise and she will forward it to you later tonight (after 10pm).

Song List

This is the original Broadway cast breakdown - vocal parts may be changed to include other roles (singers) into the mix - this will be determined during auditions.

Act I
  • Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats - The Company
  • The Naming of Cats - The Company
  • The Invitation to the Jellicle Ball - Munkustrap, Victoria, Mistofelees
  • The Old Gumbie Cat - Munkustrap, Jennyanydots, Demeter, Bombalurina, Jellylorum
  • The Rum Tum Tugger
  • Grizabella, The Glamour Cat - Grizabella, Demeter, Bombalurina
  • Bustopher Jones - Bustopher, Jennyanydots, Jellylorum, Bombalurina
  • Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer - Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer
  • Old Deuteronomy - Munkustrap, The Rum Tum Tugger, Old Deuteronomy
  • The Awefull Battle of the Pekes and Pollicles - Munkustrap, The Rumpus Cat
  • The Marching Songs of the Pollicle Dogs - Munkustrap, The Rumpus Cat
  • The Jellicle Ball - The Company
  • Memory - Grizabella

  • Act II
  • The Moments of Happiness - Old Deuteronomy, Sillabub
  • Gus: The Theatre Cat - Jellylorum, Asparagus
  • Growltiger`s Last Stand - Growltiger, Griddlebone, The Crew, Genghis
  • The Ballad Of Billy M`Caw
  • Skimbleshanks - Skimbleshanks
  • Macavity - Demeter, Bombalurina, Alonzo, Macavity, Munkustrap
  • Mr. Mistoffelees - Mistoffelees, The Rum Tum Tugger
  • Memory - Sillabub, Grizabella
  • The Journey to the Heaviside Layer - The Company
  • The Addressing Of Cats

  • Louden Nelson Center

    Our performances were on the amazing stage at the renowned Louden Nelson Center. This is a 200 seat house where everyone is within about 14 rows of the stage. The front, central section of seats is the reserved section.

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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