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Youth Production

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (revised)
(For ages 8-13 year olds)

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ONLINE TICKETS only available '24 hours or more' before the showtime.

Children Under 6 get in free - but must sit on laps. If you'd like to have a seat for your child please purchase a student ticket. Senior tickets are valid for people over 62 years of age.

$20.00 Reserved Seating
$16.00 General Admission
$12.00 Seniors and Students

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If all the available online tickets have been sold, please contact one of our other box offices, or call the main All About Theatre phoneline: (831) 345-6340.

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ONLINE TICKETS only available '24 hours or more' before the showtime.

Children Under 6 get in free - but must sit on laps. If you'd like to have a seat for your child please purchase a student ticket.

$10.00 General Admission
$7.00 Seniors and Students

Total: $0.00

Show Dates

January 14th-23rd, 2011

Friday January 14th at 7pm
Saturday January 15th at 7pm
Sunday January 16th at 2pm

Thursday January 20th at 9:30am & 12:30pm
Friday January 21st at 7pm
Saturday January 22nd at 2pm & 7pm
Sunday January 23rd - NO SHOW - cast party & STRIKE

*** Thursday school shows - require performers to take the day off school !!!


Artistic Director Lindsey Chester
Director Josiah Frampton
Choreographer Briana Michaud
Musical Director Rachel Nachison


The ideal show for those who love musicals. The cast is full of characters and the show packed with routines. The show consists of many short scenes (vignettes) in this staging of a day in the life of Charlie Brown. Fun, laughter and sincerity build the mood of the entire show. Musical numbers include "My Blanket and Me", "The Kite", "The Baseball Game", "Little Known Facts", "Suppertime" and "Happiness". Join the Peanuts gang in this fast paced, light-hearted musical, guaranteed to please audiences of all ages!

Official Cast List

  • Charlie Brown - Darwin Garrett - The main character; a loveable loser
  • Sally Brown - Adele Queener - Charlie Brown's younger sister
  • Lucy Van Pelt - Enya Murray - Linus' older sister; a bossy girl
  • Linus Van Pelt - Jacob Bayani - Charlie Brown's blanket-toting best friend; Sally's love interest
  • Rerun Van Pelt - Colby Morrison - Younger brother of Lucy and Linus
  • Schroeder - Avi Sinai - The piano-playing character; Lucy's love interest
  • The Little Red Headed Girl - Miranda Robinson - Charlie Brown' current love interest
  • Snoopy - Magdalena Cook - Charlie Brown's ubiquitous dog
  • Spike - Georgia Dent - Snoopy's brother who travels the world
  • Woodstock - Alina Rubin - Snoopy's best friend; a yellow bird

  • Lucy's Gang:
  • Frieda - Sophia Rose Salcedo - The girl with "naturally curly hair"
  • Violet Gray - Emma Pinsky - Patty's friend; one of the "mean girls" who teases Charlie Brown
  • Patty - Saidie Stone - a confident character who doesn't listen to others
  • Joanne - Ella Roades - one of Charlie Brown's earlier girlfriends
  • Eudora - Isabelle Swarbrick - she befriended Sally Brown and eventually developed a similar crush on Linus
  • Lila - Lucia Shapiro - the original owner of Snoopy, she now owns a cat
  • Mary-Jo - Nicole Kena DeLong - the one gril Charlie Brown got so nervous around he never spoke to

  • Peppermint Patty - AnaLea Varni - Marcie's bossy best friend; a freckle-faced tomboy who likes Charlie Brown
  • Marcie - Maggie Hetrick-Kavanagh - the bespectacled character; Peppermint Patty's best friend
  • Shermy / Benny - Caleb Riley - A good friend to Pig-pen & Roy / Larry
  • Pig-Pen - Yotam Voskoboynik - the dusty character "dirty from the ages"
  • Roy / Larry - Zach Kirkpatrick - good friend to Shermy / Benny & Pig-Pen
  • Little Pig-Tailed Girl - Mikaela Kirkpatrick - comments on LInus's paintings
  • Molley Volley - Izzy Dent - awesome tennis player
  • Peggy Jean - Sarah Austin - the one that calls him "Brownie Charles"
  • Emily / Mimi - Phoebe Gross - She dances with Charlie Brown when he seems to need a mood lift

  • Song List

    ACT I
    • Opening
    • You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
    • Schroeder
    • Snoopy
    • My Blanket And Me
    • Queen Lucy
    • The Kite
    • Valentines
    • Lucy Opens Shop
    • The Doctor Is In
    • Beethoven Day
    • Snoopy-Sugarlips
    • The Book Report
    • Leaf
    ACT II
    • The Red Baron
    • Rabbit Chasing
    • My New Philosophy
    • The Baseball Game
    • Baseball Tag
    • Crabbiness Survey
    • Glee Club Rehearsal
    • Little Known Facts
    • Suppertime
    • Happiness
    • Bow Music

    To find out more about Snoopy and Charlie Brown Comics click on the link below.

    [Snoopy Official Website]

    Production Photos

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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