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Performed at the Louden Nelson Center
July 11th - 12th, 2008

Production Photos

Photos - The Making of Aladdin Tots

Aladdin Synopsis

Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! The narrators enter to set the scene ("Arabian Nights"). At the palace gates, townspeople eagerly await the arrival of the royal family -- for at long last, today is the day they will learn who Princess Jasmine`s future husband will be! Among the `red carpet`-like atmosphere, we catch a glimpse of our hero, Aladdin, as well as the nefarious Grand Vizier, Jafar, and his conniving parrot, Iago.

Ah! Here comes the royal family! The Sultan begins to parade his perspective princes for his daughter, Jasmine, much to the crowd`s delight. Jasmine tells her father that she doesn`t want to marry any of these men. She wants to be the one deciding who she marries and when. The Sultan reminds her that the `law is the law`, and the law says she must marry a prince...by tomorrow.

Just then, we hear a townsperson calling "thief, thief!" A loaf of bread has been stolen! Jasmine, wishing to run away, recognizes this opportunity and escapes into the chaos. At the same time, Aladdin, our bread thief, enters to avoid capture ("One Jump Ahead"). The Sultan realizes Jasmine is missing and orders a search. Jasmine, concealing her true identity, and Aladdin, who is still being chased, run into each other and decide to escape together to the marketplace.

Suddenly, the guards enter to arrest Aladdin. But as they drag him away, the Princess reveals her true identity and orders them to let Aladdin go free. Razoul, the Captain of the Royal Guard, says that he is only following Jafar`s orders, and that the Princess will have to take it up with Jafar. Until that happens, Aladdin is under arrest, and the Princess must return to the palace ("One Jump Ahead - Reprise").

The narrators bring us into Jafar`s chamber, while the power-hungry Jafar sits hunched over a desk, scratching away at an old document with a quill pen ("Arabian Nights - Reprise 1"). Jafar reveals to Iago that he has sneakily added a new paragraph to an ancient decree, which now states that Princess Jasmine must marry him if she is unable to choose a husband within the allotted time. And furthermore, that he will inherit all the rights, privileges, and powers of the Sultan! All they have to do is make sure she doesn`t choose a groom before tomorrow ("Why Me?").

Meanwhile, because the dungeons are full, the guards drag Aladdin to the outskirts of Agrabah, and throw him in a cave, filled with piles of cast-off junk ("Arabian Nights - Reprise 2"). Aladdin begins to despair, all the while pining over Jasmine. Just then, a small lamp catches Aladdin`s eye. Trying to make out the writing on it, Aladdin rubs the lamp, and much to his surprise a Genie appears ("Friend Like Me"). The Genie offers Aladdin the standard `three wish` package. Hoping to win Jasmine`s affections, Aladdin wishes to be a prince. With a wave of his hands, the Genie grants this wish, transforming Aladdin into Prince Ali!

Back at the palace, Jasmine pleads with her father to release Aladdin. The Sultan chastises her for running away, and reminds her that she is a princess..a princess who must be wed tomorrow! Just then, a parade of dancers, harem girls, and attendants enter to announce the arrival of Prince Ali ("Prince Ali"). Aladdin, as Prince Ali, tells the Sultan that he has journeyed far to seek Jasmine`s hand. Overjoyed at this prospect, the Sultan proclaims that he has finally found his son-in-law! The thought of a forced marriage still angers Jasmine, and she storms out.

Meanwhile, Razoul informs Jafar that Aladdin escaped from the cave, where we now learn Jafar has stored all his treasures. Furious, Jafar realizes that Aladdin must have found a magic lamp, and could now be disguising himself as anyone even Prince Ali! Unaware of Jafar`s discovery, Aladdin decides to make another attempt at winning Jasmine`s heart. He travels to Jasmine`s terrace, where she is yearning for her poor, lost Aladdin. Still playing the part of Prince Ali, Aladdin persuades the princess to join him on a magic carpet ride ("A Whole New World").

Jasmine leaves to tell her father there is going to be a wedding after all she and Prince Ali are going to be married! But then, Jafar and his guards rush in to capture our hero. Aladdin wishes for them to stop, and the Genie comes through again, freezing the guards in their tracks. Aladdin and the Genie escape, but accidentally forget to bring the lamp with them. Iago finds the magic lamp, and presents it to his master, Jafar ("Why Me? - Reprise").

In the throne room the wedding is in progress. Aladdin is about to admit to the Princess that he is not a Prince, when Jafar beats him to it, exposing Aladdin as a fake ("Prince Ali - Reprise"). Now that the truth is revealed, the wedding cannot continue. Jafar reads aloud from the ancient scroll he so cleverly doctored, and proclaims that now he must become Jasmine`s husband, and most importantly, the next sultan! Jasmine and the Sultan try to stop Jafar, but to no avail, for Jafar now holds the power of the lamp. Jafar summons the Genie, and per Aladdin`s suggestion, wishes to be the most powerful genie in the world! Seizing his chance, the Genie grants his wish, forever sealing Jafar in a tiny lamp.

The Genie then reminds Aladdin that he still has one wish left. Rather than wish to be a prince again, Aladdin wishes to set his friend, the Genie, free. Aladdin apologizes to Jasmine for lying, but she says it was the law that wasn`t fair. She asks her father again for his consent, and he grants it! Aladdin and Jasmine can now be married, and live happily ever after ("A Whole New World - Reprise"). There is much rejoicing in Agrabah as the curtain falls ("Friend Like Me - Reprise").

Cast List


SUN,WIND & CARPET - Noa Jenkins, Bridger Alagar and Liliana Aspromonte

GENIES - Cyrah Freels, Jamie Repetski, Maxine Bischoff and Caetano Gordihno-Lepore

NEIGHBOR - Siena Stearns

TOWNSPEOPLE - Coby Bayani, Ben Jenkins, Parise Zeleny and Skyler Bridgeman-Ford

SERVANTS - Emma Sifton, Siena Stearns and Dakota Slaughter

NARRATORS - Parise Zeleny, Ben Jenkins, and Skyler Bridgeman-Ford


ALADDIN: Makai Hernandez
GENIE: Alexander Garrett
JASMINE: Brianna Heldt
IAGO: Nicole Delong
JAFAR: Megan Fabry
SULTAN: Mckenzie Smith
RAZOUL: Dakota Bragdon
MAGIC CARPET: Alexis Oveido
ABU: Ella Roades
RAJA: Jasmine Abbey
THIEF: Adrienne Menduno
GROCER: Atlantis Garner
BUTCHER: Carson Zakarian
TAILOR: Phoebe Dlott
BAKER: Grace Ransler

Lauren Quinn, Beau Baiocchi and Devon Deleon

Julianna Hennig, Lexie Farr, Lulu Haltom, Enya Murray and Paige Pearson

Satarupa Thyme, Adele Queener, Erin Beek and Sophia Rose Salcedo

Beau Baiocchi, Lauren Quinn, Alexander Garrett, Phoebe Dlott, Carson Zakarian, Atlantis Garner, Grace Ransler, Grace Miller and Sophia Deleon

Sophia Rose Salcedo (lead), Satarupa Thyme, Grace Miller, Adele Queener, Erin Beek

Maggie Lou Malloy, Phoebe Gross, Sophia Deleon, Lauren Hubbell, Adrienne Menduno, Stella Davidsdottir, Kyra Schmauser and Devon Deleon

Tots Camp:

A great introduction to the world of performing arts for youth ages 4 through 7. This program will not only allow your child to explore the basics of musical theater but perform in three shows infront of an audience of up to 200 people each time. During this camp, your child will be taught how to sing, dance and act. Utilizing the foundation of the show Aladdin or Mulan, your child will create a master piece script and presentation as well as participate in the opening of the main production - both singing and dancing with the older group of performers.

Youth Program:

This will be AAT`s fourth youth summer program and we are so excited to see both old and new faces this summer...! We have a spectacular line up of both staff and class forums. We have expanded the shows from last year to allow for the huge audiences we received and are now offering 3 shows to the public.

With a full day or training and rehearsal, this is sure to be one of Santa Cruz`s best training programs and most fun filled summer camps for 2008. The camp starts at 9am with a full session of improvisation for all the performers, to loosen the mind and body and to actively work as a team and create! Followed by a class in singing and vocalization (the class will be split into age approriate groups) and dance (each week being a different genre - jazz, tap, hip-hop...)

Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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