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Summer Camp 2008

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  • Tots Camp:

    A great introduction to the world of performing arts for youth ages 4 through 7. This program will not only allow your child to explore the basics of musical theater but perform in three shows infront of an audience of up to 200 people each time. During this camp, your child will be taught how to sing, dance and act. Utilizing the foundation of the show Aladdin or Mulan, your child will create a master piece script and presentation as well as participate in the opening of the main production - both singing and dancing with the older group of performers.

    Breaks will be provided and we ask that all fmailies provide their students with packed snakcs and water bottles for the camp.

    Rehearsals will run for 2 weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am until 2pm at the Louden Nelson Center.

    Cost of the program is $295.00

    Please read the dates for each camp carefully and scroll down to see the show synopsis for either Aladdin or Mulan....

    Mulan Dates: August 11th through August 23rd, 2008.
    Performances on Friday August 22nd and Saturday August 23rd, 2008.

    Youth Program:

    This will be AAT`s fourth youth summer program and we are so excited to see both old and new faces this summer...! We have a spectacular line up of both staff and class forums. We have expanded the shows from last year to allow for the huge audiences we received and are now offering 3 shows to the public.

    With a full day or training and rehearsal, this is sure to be one of Santa Cruz`s best training programs and most fun filled summer camps for 2008. The camp starts at 9am with a full session of improvisation for all the performers, to loosen the mind and body and to actively work as a team and create! Followed by a class in singing and vocalization (the class will be split into age approriate groups) and dance (each week being a different genre - jazz, tap, hip-hop...)

    The class is split into 7-9 year olds and 10-13 year olds for the morning dance and singing training. Each class runs for 1 hr and is followed by a 10 minute snack and restroom break. We request that all performers bring their own packed lunch and juices as well as a named water bottle as they will get thirsty... Lunch is from 12:30pm until 1pm and will be monitored by staff members. We are a block away from the park at the Louden Nelson Center and will be asking you all to sign waivers so that we can walk the group across Laurel to the park to play on the swings and then return them all back to the AAT facility for their afternoon session.

    The afternoon introduces the production intself, where the students will be blocked into scenes, learn advanced choreography and 2 to 3 part hamronies. After 4-weeks of training and rehearsing the show is ready to perform...

    Rehearsals will run for 4-weeks on Mondays through Fridays from 9am until 4pm at the All About Theatre Facility on Washington Street.

    Cost of the program is $650.00 with a $100 sibling discount

    Mulan Dates: July 28th through August 23rd, 2008.
    Performances on Friday August 22nd and Saturday August 23rd, 2008.

    Mulan Synopsis


    The Fa family Ancestors take us back to ancient china where Mulan`s big day to meet the village Matchmaker has arrived (Written in Stone). Mulan`s father Fa Zhou prays to the family Ancestors (Honor to Us All) to no avail. A nervous Mulan wrecks her betrothal ceremony, dishonoring the family (Honor to Us All - Reprise) and making herself feel terrible (Reflection). Fa Zhou is unexpectedly called to the army by Chi Fu, the Emperor`s councilor, having no son to join for him. Against her feeble father`s command, Mulan steals Fa Zhou`s helmet and sword, dresses as a boy, and runs away from home to go in his place (Written in Stone Reprise). The ancestors have no choice but to send the misfit dragon Mushu to stop Mulan, who will be killed if she is discovered (Honor to Us All - Reprise).

    As Shan-Yu and the Huns prepare to attack China, Mushu helps Mulan act like a soldier (Keep `Em Guessin`). Mulan introduces herself as "Ping" and joins the Guys-Yao, Ling and Qian-Po, to endure Captain Chang`s grueling training (I`ll Make a Man Out of You/Lesson No. 1). The Chinese Soldiers march to defend a mountain village from Shan-Yu (A Girl Worth Fighting For), but arrive too late. While the Soldiers grieve (A Girl Worth Fighting For - Reprise), the Huns attack. Mulan creates noise to trigger an avalanche, which covers the Huns and saves the Soldiers from destruction. Shang honors Ping, only to discover Mulan beneath the helmet. He spares Mulan`s life for saving his, but leaves her behind (Written in Stone/Reflection - Reprise).

    Suddenly, Shan-Yu and the Huns emerge from the avalanche and race toward the Imperial City. Mulan runs ahead to warn Shang (Written in Stone - Reprise). At the Emperor`s Palace, the Chinese people celebrate the defeat of the Huns. While Shang ignores Mulan, Shan-Yu surprises and kidnaps the Emperor. Mulan convinces Shang and the Guys to dress as women to distract Shan-Yu while Mushu signals the army (Keep `Em Guessin` - Reprise). The Guys save the Emperor, Mulan defeats Shan-Yu, and the Huns retreat. The Emperor honors Mulan`s bravery, to everyone`s surprise and delight (A Girl Worth Fighting For - Reprise). Back at home, Fa Zhou welcomes his beloved-and honorable-daughter. Shang surprises Mulan with a visit as a suitor instead of a captain. The Ancestors invite Mushu into the Fa family Temple as a full-fledged Guardian (Honor to Us All - Finale, Keep `Em Guessin` - Bows).


  • Mulan - Lexie Farr
  • Mushu - Emma Pinsky
  • Shang - Nate Bramham
  • Shan-Yu - Travis Fegan
  • Yao - Hannah Speiller
  • Ling - Logan Van De Veer
  • Qian-Po - Callan Alexander

  • Ancestors
  • Zhang - Jennifer Emberley
  • Yun - Satarupa Thyme
  • Laozi - Kiana Hamzehi
  • Lin - Enya Murray
  • Hong - Erin Beek

  • Other Characters
  • Chi-Fu - Clara Burgeles
  • Emperor - Adrian Burgeles
  • Fa Zhou - Nate Zeise
  • Fa Li - Adrienne Menduno
  • Mulan's Grandmother - Sophia Rose Salcedo
  • Matchmaker - Emily Hignett
  • Magyar - Mira Silveira
  • Subar-Tu - Lena Block
  • Liu - Miranda Robinson
  • Older Yi - Celeste Robinson
  • Younger Yi - Celeste Ferguson
  • Cheongsam Salesperson - Zoe Doran

  • Townspersons, Soldiers
  • Isabel O`Malley
  • Rhiannon Draegan
  • Stella Pinsky
  • Kyra Schmauser

  • To hear audio clips click on this link - AUDIO.

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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