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Anything Goes

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    January 25th - February 3rd, 2008
    Performed at the Louden Nelson Center, Santa Cruz

    Anything Goes the Show

    The name says it all. This show stopper, written by the ever-popular Cole Porter, is a testament to his giddy plots and beloved romantic songs. He is the Shakespeare of musicals... indeed, the plot of Anything Goes is reminiscent of the Bard`s comedies: lovers in disguise, secret plans that comically fail, and like a good Shakespearean comedy, everyone gets married at the end.

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    Anything Goes Production Photos

    Anything Goes - the making of!


    Artistic Director Lindsey Chester
    Musical Director Eleanor Hunter
    Choreographer Ashley Little
    Accompanist Mazera Cox

    Cast List

    Reno Sweeney - Caitlin Hendrix
    Chastity (Angel) - Lindsey Duran
    Charity (Angel) - Kelly Lewis
    Purity (Angel) - Sarah Mitchler
    Virtue (Angel) - Ruby Cook
    Hope Harcourt - Angela Scrivens
    Evangeline Harcourt - Allison Hill
    Lord Evelyn Oakleigh - Zendrex Llado
    Elisha J. Whitney - Noah Mondragon
    Billy Crocker - Jordan Sidfield
    Moonface Martin - Kendall Neiblum-Lamkin
    Erma - Shevawn Torr
    Captain - Forest Orrick
    Purser/Sailor Solo - Conrad Spencer Useldinger
    Minister/Sailor Solo - Craig Petrocelli
    Girl Soloist - Sarah Birkhofer
    Bartender - Maaike Wilting
    Luke - Rowan Woods Ediger
    John - Turner Roll

    Amber Leigh
    Ariel Lancaster-Atkinson
    Bebe Hofacre
    Dawn Maddocks
    Caitlyn Wood
    Caley Chase
    Krista Brockman
    Maaike Wilting
    Macy Tolleson
    Melody Dahlgren
    Nina Berry
    Rachel Hughes
    Rowan Woods Ediger
    Sarah Birkhofer
    Turner Roll

    Lindsey Chester : 831-345-6340

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