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Teen Musical

All About Theatre proudly presents Guys and Dolls as it's 5-year anniversary show. This 1950's classic tells the tale of...

The Making Of...Tech Week


Artistic Director - Lindsey Chester
Director and Choreographer - Andrew Roubal
Musical Director - Eleanor Hunter

Performance Dates:

Opening Weekend:
Friday August 28th at 7pm
Saturday August 29th at 7pm
Sunday August 30th at 2pm

Closing Weekend:
*Thursday September 3rd at 7pm
Friday September 4th at 7pm
Saturday September 5th at 2pm & 7pm
Sunday September 6th at 2pm

*Thursday night discount show...

Cast List

To read the cast list please click on the link below and the file will open in PDF format.

Guys and Dolls Cast List.


New York, the city that never sleeps. And within it, all human life. From the news seller to the chorus girl, from the gambler to the missionary - all of them caught up in the teeming vitality of the city streets.

Sergeant Sarah Brown, of the Save a Soul Mission, vainly trying to spread the Word, and make a difference to the sin and depravity of the streets, full of tipsters, gamblers and con men. Adelaide, the showgirl, desperate to leave behind her seemingly glamorous lifestyle for a white picket fence and roses round the door. Nathan Detroit, trying to find yet another new location for his floating dice game, keeping just one short step ahead of the law. And the gamblers themselves, eager for just one more roll, for that winning streak which will keep them ahead of the game. And the coolest, highest roller of them all, Sky Masterson, who would bet on anything that would turn him a profit. These are some of the characters of Damon Runyon's story.

Musical Numbers:

  • Fugue for Tinhorns
  • Follow the Fold
  • The Oldest Established
  • I`ll Know
  • A Bushel and a Peck
  • Adelaide`s Lament
  • Guys and Dolls
  • If I Were a Bell
  • My Time of Day
  • I`ve Never Been In Love Before
  • Take Back Your Mink
  • More I Cannot Wish You
  • Luck Be A Lady
  • Sue Me
  • Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat
  • Marry the Man Today
  • Finale

  • Detailed Plot Synopsis (spoiler warning):

    Act I
    Nathan Detroit is desperate to find a location for his floating crap game. He can use the Biltmore Garage, but only if he can come up with a thousand dollars - and quickly. He has to find a bet that he can win against Sky Masterson, and succeeds in wagering that Sky cannot persuade Sergeant Sarah Brown to fly with him to Havana. Sky realises that he has been conned, but won't give up without trying. He uses his considerable charm to convince Sarah that he is reformed sinner, and that he will deliver a dozen sinners to her Mission if she will have dinner with him at his favourite restaurant. She reluctantly agrees, without realising that the restaurant is in Cuba.

    Adelaide hasn't given up hope that Nathan has given up his shady lifestyle, and that their fourteen year long engagement will soon end in wedding bells. However, Nathan shows no signs of any change in his mode of employment, and during Sky and Sarah's absence in Havana, organises his game in the Save a Soul Mission itself. To convince the local policeman that the gathering of gamblers is entirely legitimate, Nathan is forced to announce that he and Adelaide are eloping that evening. In Cuba, Sky sees Sarah in a completely different light, and despite the undoubted opportunity, the better side of his nature prevails. As they return from Havana, the crap game is raided, and Sarah runs from Sky, believing herself to have been used in order to get her away from the Mission.

    Act II
    Nathan cannot elope and run the crap game, so he lets Adelaide run once more. Sarah's uncle Arvide realises that she has fallen in love with Sky, but refuses to have anything to do with him. Arvide insists that Sky fulfil his promise to deliver twelve sinners to the Mission. At the crap game, Nathan offers to pay up on his bet about Sarah and Havana, but Sky denies that he took her there. Sky rolls the dice to win the souls of the crapshooters, and insists that they keep their promise to attend the prayer meeting.

    Adelaide forgives Nathan on condition that they elope, but Nathan has the most unbelievable excuse of all - a prior engagement at the prayer meeting. At the meeting the gamblers reluctantly confess to their previous sins, and Sarah's mission is saved from closure. All ends happily as Nathan and Adelaide marry at the Mission now run by Sergeant Sarah and Brother Sky Masterson.

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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