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Once Upon A Mattress...

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Once Upon Story Line

Once Upon a Mattress is a critically-acclaimed musical comedy that opened on Broadway on May 11, 1959 and ran for 460 performances. The play was written as an adaptation of the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. The show`s music was written by Mary Rodgers with lyrics by Marshall Barer. The book was written by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, and Marshall Barer.

Harbor High Little Theater

Our performances were on the amazing stage at the renowned Harbor High School. This is a 300 seat house where everyone is within about 12 rows of the stage. The front, central section of seats is the reserved section.

Show Dates

December 5th - 14th, 2008.

Cast List

  • Amanda Christie - Princess Winnifred
  • Beau Baiocchi - Prince Dauntless
  • Lexie Farr - Lady Larken
  • Nate Bramham - Sir Harry
  • Erin Beek - Lady Rowena / Lady in Waiting
  • Satarupa Thyme - Lady Merrill / Lady in Waiting
  • Marina Hallin - Lady Lucille / Lady in Waiting
  • Enya Murray (Understudy) - Lady Lucille

  • Maddy Mouw - Jester
  • Makai Hernandez - Minstrel
  • Marina Hallin (Understudy) - Minstrel

  • Callan Alexander - Queen Aggravain
  • Avi Sinai - King Sextimus the Silent
  • Jennifer Emberley - Wizard

  • Nate Zeise - Sir Studley/Knight
  • Megan Fabry - Nightingale/Lady in Waiting
  • Lulu Haltom - Princess #12/Lady in Waiting
  • Enya Murray - Lady H/Lady in Waiting
  • Erin Beek - Lady in Waiting
  • Amber Bothman - Lady in Waiting

  • Sophia-Rose Salcedo - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid
  • Adele Queener - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid
  • Avalon Ashley - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid
  • Elana - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid
  • Cameron Meyers - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid
  • Miranda Robinson - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid
  • Katie Mendenhall - Lady of the Court/Scullery Maid

  • Ella Roades - Scullery Maid / Knight
  • Risa Mykland - Scullery Maid / Knight
  • Andie Huff - Scullery Maid / Page Boy

  • Grace Miller - Servant of the Court/ Lady
  • Molly Meyers - Servant of the Court / Page Boy
  • Ava Hallin - Servant of the Court / Lady
  • Celeste Robinson - Servant of the Court / Lady

  • Musical Numbers

  • Many Moons Ago (Minstrel)
  • An Opening For a Princess (Dauntless, Ensemble)
  • In a Little While (Harry, Larken)
  • Shy (Winnifred, Dauntless, Aggravain Ensemble)
  • Sensitivity (Queen, Wizard)
  • The Minstrel, the Jester, and I (Minstrel, Jester, King)
  • The Swamps of Home (Winnifred, Ensemble)
  • Normandy (Minstrel, Jester, Wizard, Larken)
  • Spanish Panic (Queen, Wizard, Ensemble)
  • Song of Love (Dauntless, Winnifred, Ensemble)
  • Quiet (Queen, Wizard, Ensemble)
  • Happily Ever After (Winnifred, Wizard)
  • Man To Man Talk (Dauntless, King)
  • Very Soft Shoes (Jester)
  • Oh, Your Majesty! (Wizard, King)
  • Yesterday I Loved You (Harry, Larken)
  • Nightingale Lullaby (Winnifred, Nightingale)
  • Epilogue (Ensemble)

  • Plot Synopsis

    Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
    Once Upon a Mattress takes place in a fictional medieval kingdom ruled by the devious Queen Aggravaine and the mute King Sextimus the Silent. King Sextimus suffers from a curse that can only be reversed "when the mouse devours the hawk". As the show opens, the populace of the castle complains about an unjust law levied by Queen Aggravaine. The law states that no one may wed until the Prince, Dauntless the Drab, first marries. However, every petitioning princess is sent away after failing an unfair test devised by the Queen. It seems that no one is good enough to marry Prince Dauntless.

    The crisis escalates when the leading knight of the realm, Sir Harry, wishes to marry, Lady Larken, who is with child. Facing great embarrassment and loss of his station, Sir Harry embarks on a quest to find the last princess in the realm. He soon returns with Princess Winnifred the Woebegone, a brash, unrefined, and muscular princess from the marshlands. She immediately charms Dauntless and most of the townspeople. However, she also succeeds in offending the Queen, who vows to find a way to stop her.

    The Queen, assisted by her Wizard sidekick, quickly designs Winnifred`s secret "test". They will place a tiny pea beneath twenty thick downy mattresses. If Winnifred is unable to sleep due to the pea, then she will be sensitive enough to marry Dauntless. As the day of the test approaches, Dauntless and Winnifred fall in love, Harry and Larken break up (only to be later united by Winnifred), and the King, Jester and Minstrel trick the Wizard into telling them of the test. When she finally takes the test, Winnifred cannot fall asleep. She drowsily confronts the Queen the next morning, but Aggravaine insists that the test was rigged. Dauntless tells Aggravaine to "shut up", and the curse on King Sextimus is lifted (the "mouse", or Dauntless, thus devours the "hawk", or Aggravaine). Aggravaine discovers that she cannot talk, and Dauntless and Winnifred are free to be married. The Wizard falls for the King`s charm and wit, and leaves the poor Queen hopelessly hopping and skipping on stage.

    In the final seconds of the play, the real reason why Winnifred passed the test is revealed. After learning about the test, the ing, Minstrel, and Jester stuffed the mattresses full of weapons, jousting equipment, and other sharp items. The Princess finally falls asleep when the pea is pulled out from under the bed.

    And everyone lives happily ever after.

    More Photos of Opening Weekend...

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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