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Composer and Lyricist
Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Show Dates

May 9th - 17th, 2008


Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz.

Cast List

  • Chad (Quartet) - Jordan Sidfeld
    A prototypical "cool-guy", loves the spotlight.
    Sings lead in Young Blood, Searchin', Poison Ivy, I Who Have Nothing, Stand By Me

  • Michelle - Olivia Ruff
    Chad's girl. Popular, beautiful, but with an attitude.
    Sings lead in Trouble, Pearl's A Singer, and Don Juan.

  • Denise - Shevawn Torr
    Sweet yet lovelorn. Looking for romance.
    Sings lead in Falling, Trouble and Love Me Don't.

  • Mike (Quartet) - Kendall Neiblum-Lamkin
    Ashley's boyfriend. A good guy but does make mistakes.
    Sings lead in Ruby Baby, DW Washburn, You're The Boss, and There Goes My Baby.

  • Ashley - Ruby Cook
    Mike's girlfriend. Strong and confident.
    Sings lead in Dance With Me, I Keep Forgettin', Saved, You're The Boss.

  • Chris (Quartet) - Brance Souza
    Loves someone from afar.
    Sings lead in Love Me Don't, Teach Me How To Shimmy, Love Potion #9, and Spanish Harlem.

  • Dave - Dale Absher
    Co-Owner of the club with Katie. A talented singer in his own right.
    Sings lead in In The Neighborhood, Kansas City, Little Egypt and Jailhouse Rock.

  • Zac (Quartet) - Melaku Assegued
    A bartender who moonlights in the quintet.
    Sings lead in In The Neighborhood, Kansas City, Treat Me Nice and Stand By Me.

  • Katie - Kelly Lewis
    Co-Owner of the club with Dave. Knows everything that happens in her club.
    Sings lead in In The Neighborhood, Kansas City, Fools Fall In Love, and Neighborhood Reprise.

  • Nicole - Lindsey Duran
    Waitress. Everyone's friend and sympathetic ear.
    Sings lead in In The Neighborhood, Kansas City, Loving You, and Neighborhood Reprise.

  • Claire - Harmony Levy
    Bartender. Either your best friend, or your worst enemy.
    Sings lead in In The Neighborhood, Kansas City, Hound Dog, and Neighborhood Reprise.

  • Gina - Zoe Schneider-Smith
    Club regular and friend of the staff. Has a hidden talent.
    Sings lead in Fool's Fall In Love, Pearl's A Singer and Neighborhood Reprise.

  • Peter - Craig Petrocelli
  • James - Turner Roll
  • Kristine - Rachel Hughes
  • Taylor - Caley Chase
  • Four regulars and best friends, there every night. Sing lead in Stay Awhile.

    Meghan - Clio Mykland
    Amy - Ariel Lancaster-Atkinson
    Kim - Lindsey Jesberg
    Lisa - Maya Tabasz
    Kelsea- Melody Dahlgren
    Caitlyn- Sadie Rose Neiblum-Lamkin

    Background Information

    Smokey Joe`s Cafe is a musical theatrical revue showcasing 39 pop standards, including rock and roll, rhythm and blues songs written by songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. This musical was nominated for seven Tony Awards. The Original Broadway cast soundtrack, Smokey Joe`s Cafe: The Songs Of Leiber And Stoller won a Grammy award in 1995.

    Awards and Nominations

    1995 Tony Award nominations:
    * Tony Award for Best Musical
    * Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical
    * Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical
    * Tony Award for Best Choreography
    * Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musicals

    Song List

    • Neighborhood
    • Young Blood
    • Falling
    • Ruby Baby
    • Dance With Me
    • Keep On Rollin`
    • Searchin`
    • Kansas City
    • Trouble
    • Love Me/Don`t
    • Fools Fall in Love
    • Poison Ivy
    • Don Juan
    • I Keep Forgettin`
    • On Broadway
    • D.W. Washburn
    • Saved

    • Baby That Is Rock & Roll
    • Yakety Yak
    • Charlie Brown
    • Stay a While
    • Pearl`s a Singer
    • Teach Me How to Shimmy
    • You`re the Boss
    • Loving You
    • Treat Me Nice
    • Hound Dog
    • I`m a Woman
    • There Goes My Baby
    • Love Potion Number 9
    • Some Cats Know
    • Jailhouse Rock
    • Spanish Harlem
    • I (Who Have Nothing)
    • Stand by Me

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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