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Show Dates:

August 2007
Louden Nelson Center, Santa Cruz

Production Photos

Photos are courtesy of Jordan Sidfield.

Cast List

  • Oscar Lindquist - James Durbin
  • Charity Hope Valentine - Julia Main
  • Vittorio Vidal - Jordan Sidfield
  • Ursula March - Rosie Lebow
  • Daddy Brubeck - Carlos Zambrano
  • Daddy`s Assistants - T.B.A
  • Helene (Baby Dream) - Zoe Schneider-Smith
  • Nickie (Baby Dream) - Arielle Vakni
  • Sheila (Baby Dream) - Lita Van Houten
  • Lulu (Baby Dream) - Angela Scrivens
  • Carmen (Cry at Weddings) - Caiti Hendrix
  • Sherry (Cry at Weddings) - Sarah Birkhofer
  • Rosie (new Fandango girl) - Alea Henry
  • Ethel `Receptionist` - Clio Mykland
  • Herman - Noah Mondragon
  • Manfred (Vittorio`s Butler) - Jason Monroe
  • Marvin (Tenor Soloist) - Zendrex Llado
  • Gypsy - Kate Wenzel Sylvan
  • Annabelle - Rachel Chatham

  • Fandango Main Dancers:-
  • Sheila - Lita Van Houten
    Kiki - Madison Ligon
    Lola - Katelyn Laird
    Sally - Lindsey Duran
    Sherry - Sarah Birkhofer
    Suzanne - Roxy Van de Veer
    Lulu - Angela Scrivens
    Alice - Nili Rain Segal
    Cindy - Ashley Rosen
    Nickie - Arielle Vakni
    Helene - Zoe Schneider-Smith
    Betsy - Kelly Lewis
    Carmen - Caitlin Hendrix

  • Fandango Hostesses:-
  • Vicki - Mayadevi Ross
    Leslie - Nina Berry
    Valerie - Maureen Davis
    Camille - Babette Hofacre
    Regina - Rachel Chatham
    Rhonda - Clio Mykland
    Tammy - Kate Wenzel Sylvan
    Bonnie - Maya Tabasz
    Beverly - Jamie Lewis

    Staff Members:

  • Lindsey Chester - Producer
  • Andrew Roubal - Director / Choreographer
  • Maya Barsacq - Musical Director
  • Henry Johnson and Mazera Cox - Accompanists

  • Musical Numbers

    Big Spender
    Charity`s Soliloquy
    Rich Man`s Frug
    If My Friends Could See Me Now
    Too Many Tomorrows
    There`s Gotta Be Something Better Than This
    Charity`s Theme
    I`m the Bravest Individual
    The Rhythm of Life
    Baby Dream Your Dream
    Sweet Charity
    Where Am I Going?
    I Love to Cry at Weddings
    I`m a Brass Band

    Quick Review

    Have you ever known a girl who wanted something so badly, that she tried too hard to get it? Meet Charity, the girl who wants to be loved so much, that she has lost sight of who she is. Charity sings, dances, laughs and cries her way through romances with the `animal magnetism` hero, the `ultra-chic continental` hero, and the `impossible-to believe-but-he`s-better than nothing` type hero. Her world is the all too real world of Times Square, and the people who pass through her world are as deceptively charming a group as ever swept across any stage. From her cynical, hard-core trio of girlfriends at the dance hall, to the phony evangelist, the Coney Island `fun people`, the Central Park `strollers` and the YMHA `self-improvers`, every character is interesting. This is a bright and sophisticated show in every sense. Cy Coleman has captured the rhythms and sounds, and Dorothy Fields the vernacular and fun of New York. It`s a comedy in every sense of the word. Neil Simon has a particular talent for looking at the truly amusing side of life. It`s a dancing show too, with great opportunity for use of dramatic movement. Wonderful musical numbers include Big Spender, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Too Many Tomorrows, There`s Gotta Be Something Better Than This, I`m a Brass Band and Baby, Dream Your Dream.

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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