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Teen Production

(Performed by ages 13-19 year olds)

Two Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Original Off-Broadway

Music by Mark Hollmann
Lyrics by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis
Book by Greg Kotis

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  • Buy Your Tickets:

    $20.00 Reserved Seating
    $16.00 General Admission
    $12.00 Seniors and Students

    Total: $0.00

    If all the available online tickets have been sold, please contact us directly on the main All About Theatre phoneline: (831) 345-6340, or come 30 minutes prio to showtime to purchase tickets at the door.

    For directions on venue details please call the Louden Nelson Center (831) 420-6177.

    Cast List:

    Congratulations to all of you... we wish we could give you all leads as you all did amazingly well. Several roles are being adapted so as to feature many of you talented individuals... so please come ready to ask questions on Sunday (12-5pm first rehearsal). Also, not all solo lines have been assigned.... like the cop solos etc...

    PLEASE bring 3-ring binder, pencils and food / water for the rehearsal.
    PLEASE wear dance atire (no jeans) and bring dance shoes if you own them.

  • Lockstock - Alex Garrett
  • Barrel - Kyle Rispoli

  • The Poor:
  • Bobby Strong - Ryland Gordon
  • Penelope Pennywise - Naomi Gorham
  • Little Sally - Sophia-Rose Salcedo
  • Hot Blades Harry - Jordan Pierini
  • Little Becky Two Shoes - Sadie Neiblum-Lamkin
  • Ma Strong - Tori Hawkins
  • Pa Strong - Brodie Storey
  • Soupy Sue - Mikaela Reed
  • Robin the Rockfish - Satarupa Thyme
  • Tiny Tom - Andrew Paolini
  • Billy Boy Bill - Molly Schrank

  • UGC:
  • Mr Cladwell - Zack DaSilva
  • Hope Cladwell - Ruby Cook
  • McQueen - Lexie Farr*
  • Dr Billeaux - T.B.D.*
  • Senator Fipp - Taylor LaBau
  • Mrs Millenium - Elianne Parks
  • UGC Executives - Darwin Garrett & Emma Massie

  • * Additional singing added for these two roles...

    Quick Review:

    All About Theatre proudly presents its teen production of Urinetown is an earnest tale of love, greed, and revolution. The show is set in a town plagued by a 20-year drought. At the mercy of a single dominating corporation, the destitute citizens must pay towering taxes and fines. Out of the mass of the pitiable, a hero rises to lead his fellow citizens against the tyrannical regime. Drawing from West Side Story, Chicago, and Les Miserables among others, the show irreverently pays witty homage to the great American musical theatre tradition. Hilariously funny and touchingly honest, Urinetown provides a fresh perspective of one of America's greatest art forms.

    Read more & see more... Urinetown Official Website

    Show Dates:

    February 10th - 18th, 2012

    Friday February 10th at 7pm
    Saturday February 11th at 7pm

    Thursday February 16th at 7pm
    Friday February 17th at 7pm
    Saturday February 18th at 2pm & 7pm
    Sunday February 19th - strike

    Show Location

    Louden Nelson Community Center, Santa Cruz.
    301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA.


    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Winner Best Director - John Rando
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Winner Best Original Score - Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Winner Best Book of a Musical - Greg Kotis


    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Featured Actress In A Musical - Spencer Kayden
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Best Musical
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Leading Actress in a Musical - Nancy Opel
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Leading Actress in a Musical - Jennifer Laura Thompson
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Leading Actor in Musical - John Cullum
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Best Choreography - John Carrafa
    • 2002 Tony(R) Award Nominee Best Orchestrations - Bruce Coughlin


    Artistic Director Lindsey Chester
    Director Briana Michaud
    Musical Director Mazera Cox-Goulter
    Choreographer Lizzie Shipton

    Urinetown Character Descriptions:

    Male Roles:

    Officer Lockstock - The narrator and leader of the police. Cocky and full of himself he enjoys enforcing the laws on those he looks down upon.

  • Age: 35-55
  • Voice: Baritone

  • Bobby Strong - Our hero. Naive and unsure of himself, he transforms to lead the revolution after
    meeting Hope.
  • Age: 23-30
  • Voice: Tenor

  • Caldwell B. Cladwell - The cruel CEO of Urine Good Company. He is wealthy, arrogant, and greedy.
  • Age: 40-60
  • Voice: Bass-baritone

  • Senator Fipp - A corrupt senator legislating Caldwell`s will in return for bribes.
  • Age: 40-60
  • Voice: Bass

  • Mr. McQueen - Caldwell's head lackey, he is personable and cheerful as he sticks it to the poor
  • Age: 40-60
  • Voice: Tenor

  • Hot Blades Harry - A dangerous and unpredictable rebel, nervous and twitchy. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 30-40
  • Voice: Bari-Tenor

  • Tiny Tom - A poor, confused man-boy. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 20-25
  • Voice: Baritone

  • Robby the Stockfish - A poor man. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 25-40
  • Voice: Baritone

  • Billy Boy Bill - Another poor man. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 25-40
  • Voice: Tenor

  • Joseph "Old Man" Strong - Bobby's rebellious father
  • Age: 50-60
  • Voice: Tenor

  • Officer Barrel - Lockstock's right hand man, gruff stocky and a wee bit sadistic
  • Age: 35-55
  • Voice: Bari-Tenor

  • Dr. Billeaux - A scientist for Urine Good Company. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 30-50
  • Voice: Bass-baritone

  • Two Buisnessmen - UGC lackeys. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 30-50
  • Voice: Tenor & Baritone

    Depending on turn out, several of the roles listed as male roles may be played by females.

    Female Roles:

    Little Sally - A delightful urchin, innocent, but sharp. She is the co-narrator of the show
  • Age: 16-30
  • Voice: Mezzo

  • Hope Cladwell - Cladwell's goodhearted daughter, completely naive and a bit vapid
  • Age: 18-25
  • Voice: Soprano

  • Penelope Pennywise - The gruff proprietor of Public Amenity Number 9
  • Age: 40-60
  • Voice: Belt (high: G6)

  • Little Becky Two Shoes - A poor young woman. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 18-22
  • Voice: Soprano

  • Soupy Sue - A poor woman. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 20-30
  • Voice: Belt

  • Josephine Strong - Bobby's mother – This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 50-60
  • Voice: Mezzo

  • Mrs. Millennium - One of Caldwell's lesser lackeys. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 30-50
  • Voice: Soprano

  • Cladwell's Secretary - a UGC employee. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 30-50
  • Voice: Soprano

  • An Old Lady - A minor character. This character is in the chorus numbers
  • Age: 50-60
  • Voice: Mezzo

  • Chorus of Cops, The Poor, and UGC employees
  • Age: 14-65
  • Voice: N/A

    Depending on turn out, several of the roles may be doubled or additional ensemble characters added...

    Song List

    Lockstock & Company
    It's a Privilege to Pee
    Penny & The Poor
    It's a Privilege to Pee (reprise)
    Lockstock & The Poor
    Mr Cladwell
    Cladwell, McQueen, Hope & UGC Staff
    Cop Song
    Lockstock, Barrel & The Cops
    Follow Your Heart
    Hope & Bobby
    Look at the Sky
    Bobby & The Poor
    Don't Be the Bunny
    Cladwell & UGC Staff
    Act 1 Finale

    Act II

    What Is Urinetown?
    Snuff That Girl
    Hot Blades, Little Becky & The Poor
    Run Freedom Run
    Bobby & The Poor
    Follow Your Heart (reprise)
    Why Did I Listen to That Man?
    Penny, Fipp, Lockstock, Barrel, Hope, Bobby
    Tell Her I Love Her
    Little Sally & Bobby
    We're Not Sorry
    The Rich & The Poor
    We're Not Sorry (reprise)
    Cladwell & Penny
    I See a River
    Hope & The Ensemble

    YouTube Links:

    Just imagine what Lizzie will do with the dance breaks !!!

    The 2006 Tony Awards
    Privilege To Pee
    I See A River Snuff That Girl
    Musical Promo Look At The Sky
    Follow Your Heart
    Cop Song
    Mr Cladwell Don't Be The Bunny Tell Her I Love Her

    Full Plot:

    Urinetown begins with a friendly welcome from our narrator, Officer Lockstock. Officer Lockstock and the adorable moppet Little Sally fill us in on the back-story. As the result of a terrible water shortage, private toilets have become unthinkable. All restroom activities are handled through a private corporation, the Urine Good Company (UGC for short). To control water consumption, people have to pay to use public amenities (that is, public toilets) for their "private business". As Lockstock says, "That's the central conceit of the show."

    Masses huddle in line, desperate to use Public Amenity Number 9, one of the poorest, filthiest urinals in town, run by Penny Pennywise and her assistant, young everyman Bobby Strong. Trouble ensues when Bobby 's father, Joseph "Old Man" Strong can't afford his urinal admission for the day. When Old Man Strong asks Pennywise to let him go for free just this once, Penny is forced to draw the line in It's a Privilege to Pee.

    By the end of the song, Joseph Strong has made up his mind. "It's no way to live, I tells ya! No way to live!" he screams as he pees right on the street, with Pennywise, Bobby, Little Sally and his wife Josephine Strong looking on. Officer Lockstock and his man, Officer Barrel arrive on the scene immediately. After a brief investigation, Old Man Strong is arrested and escorted off to Urinetown. The masses fall back into line immediately.

    The scene changes to the offices of Urine Good Company, where the CEO of the UGC, Caldwell B. Cladwell is assuring Senator Fipp that the agreed upon bribes will come through provided that the senate approves additional restroom fee hikes (and vice versa). Cladwell 's daughter, Hope Cladwell soon arrives for her first day on the job as the UGC's new fax/copy girl, and is ogled by Fipp and Cladwell 's lackey Mr. McQueen. Cladwell summons the rest of his staff, and explains to everyone that the fax/copy position is just the first step as Hope is groomed to inherit the UGC empire. He then proceeds to explain the workings of the UGC (and his staff proceeds to brownnose shamelessly) in Mr. Cladwell.

    Hope then arrives after a long night of faxing (and copying). Bobby arrives with fire in his belly, complaining that the people are growing restless over rumors of more fee hikes. The cops remind Bobby to keep his head out of the clouds, lest what happened to his father happen to him. Bobby remains defiant, attracting and intriguing innocent young Hope. When the police leave the scene, Bobby admits to his feelings of guilt and confusion over not doing more to save his father. Hope encourages Bobby to follow his heart in Follow Your Heart. But even as Hope 's heart tells her to fall for Bobby, Bobby 's heart is laying plans for a new tomorrow...

    As the two exit, Little Sally and Lockstock look on. After observing that Hope sure seems to love Bobby, Little Sally tries to get Lockstock to tell her about Urinetown. Lockstock refuses, explaining that if he revealed that there was no Urinetown and they just killed people, it would ruin the suspense.

    Meanwhile, the police have gotten wind of the plot, and rush into the UGC offices to tell Cladwell of the disturbance. Hope is shocked to learn of Bobby 's involvement, but urges her father not to use violence against the protesters, but to look inside the rioters' hearts to see what made them pound so angrily. Cladwell gently explains that sometimes the only way to keep the peace is with beatings, because life itself is a beating, in the song Don't Be the Bunny.

    Cladwell and the police rush to the amenity, and protesters, police and powerful elites clash during the Act I Finale. In the confusion, Little Sally joins the rebellion and Bobby is accused of kidnapping Hope. As the situation becomes more desperate, Bobby decides that their only way for the revolution to survive is to actually kidnap Hope. Bobby and the revolutionaries get away with it, because the dance choreography forces the police to move too damned slowly.

    Intermission - The restrooms are packed as the audience reflects on how lucky they are to live in a world where people pee for free. Sometimes they flush twice in celebration.

    Act II starts with What is Urinetown as frustrated authorities struggle to find the rebels, who are hidden away in a clearly labeled "Secret Hideout". Cladwell orders a full scale mobilization of the police to find Hope

    The rebels ask Bobby why, if things went so well, did he yell for them to "Run! Run for your lives!" at the end of Act I. Bobby explains that he said that in the heat of battle, and in the heat, the actual hotness of the battle, the cry of freedom sounds something like Run Freedom Run. Bobby 's rousing gospel cry to action seems to be going well until he praises his fellow rebels for having the courage to commit to a decades-long struggle. Their good will fades quickly.

    Luckily, at that moment Pennywise infiltrates the secret, bearing a message from Cladwell. Cladwell wants Bobby to come to the UGC to negotiate a peaceful settlement. Bobby goes, eager to avoid bloodshed and effort.

    At the UGC headquarters, Cladwell offers Bobby a suitcase full of cash and full amnesty to the rebels as long as Hope is returned and the people agree to the new fee hikes. Bobby refuses, demanding free access for the people. Cladwell refuses, and orders the cops to escort Bobby to Urinetown. When Pennywise points out that Urinetown for Bobby could mean the end for Hope, Cladwell ruthlessly refuses to give in to the demands of terrorists. Lockstock and Barrel haul Bobby off.

    In the next scene, Little Sally returns to the Rebel hideout, having just heard Bobby 's semi-coherent last words, which she recounts to everyone in Tell Her I Love Her.

    Hope is released and she promptly convinces the rebels to let her lead the revolution. Cladwell is shocked to find his daughter is still alive, and even more shocked to learn that she is now in charge of the rebellion. Hope orders Cladwell off to Urinetown.

    Now that she is in the seat of power, Hope assures her followers that the age of fear is over. As I See a River begins, she looks ahead to a new age where the people can pee as much as they like, with whomever they like, whenever they like in whatever location they like. But as the song progresses, things take a turn for the worse. Officer Lockstock's epilogue says it all:

    Of course, it wasn't long before the water became silty, brackish, and then dried up all together. Cruel as Caldwell B. Cladwell was, his measures effectively regulated water consumption, sparing the town the same fate as the phantom Urinetown. Hope, however, chose to ignore the warning signs, choosing instead to bask in the people's love as long as it lasted... Hope eventually joined her father in a manner not quite so gentle. As for the people of this town? Well, they did the best they could. But they were prepared for the world they inherited, weaned as they were on the legend born of their founding father's scare tactics. For when the water dried up, they recognized their town for the first time for what it really was. What it was always waiting to be...

    This is Urinetown!

    Always it's been Urinetown!

    This place it's called Urinetown!

    And with a roar of "Hail Malthus", the curtain falls...

    It's not a happy musical.

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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