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Wind in the Willows - the musical!

Production Photos - by Bari Miller

Bari Miller Photography

Show Location:

Louden Nelson Community Center - downtown Santa Cruz

Show Dates:

December 1st - 9th, 2006

Cast List

Click here to see the official cast list for Wind in the Willows.

The Classic Broadway Fairytale

We are thrilled to be offering a show that is based on such a wholesome book. Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows has touched the lives of many and now comes alive on the stage in musical format. We look forward to meeting a great group of talented youth at our auditions. The show will be cast on talent and by the roles in the script.

Artistic Director Lindsey Chester
Director Allison Sandlin
Musical Director Jon-Mark Hurley
Choreographer Denise Reid


Synopsis Mole, a curious girl who leaves her underground life for one of adventure, meets the kindly Water Rat, who agrees to show her the world. That world includes the eccentric and wealthy Mr. Toad, whose outrageous enthusiasm for life, and especially for motor cars, brings trouble for everyone. In a fight with the belligerent Weasels to recapture Toad's ancestral home, the old boxing champion, Mr. Badger, leads them to victory.

Song List

  • The World is Waiting for Me
  • Messing About in Boats
  • That's What Friends Are For
  • Many Years Ago
  • Evil Weasel
  • Gasoline Can-Can
  • He'll Love It in Jail
  • The Day You Came Into My Life
  • Follow Your Instinct
  • Joy Shall Be Yours in the Morning
  • Something Comes Over Me
  • I'd be Attracted
  • We're Moving Up in the World
  • Brief Encounter
  • Where Am I Now?
  • Wind in the Willows
  • The Fight
  • Come What May
  • Bows

  • Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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