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You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Show Dates

May 14th - May 22nd, 2005

Photo Shoot Day


The ideal show for those who love musicals. The cast is small and the show packed with routines. The show consists of many short scenes (vignettes) in this staging of a day in the life of Charlie Brown. Fun, laughter and sincerity build the mood of the entire show. Musical numbers include "My Blanket and Me", "The Kite", "The Baseball Game", "Little Known Facts", "Suppertime" and "Happiness". Join the Peanuts gang in this fast paced, light-hearted musical, guaranteed to please audiences of all ages!

Cast List

Charlie Brown: Candice Peters
Sally Brown: Shevawn Torr
Schroeder: Chris Levy
Rerun Van Pelt: Rose Levy
Linus Van Pelt: Hagar Barson
Lucy Van Pelt: Samantha Gruys
Frieda: Sarah Birkhofer
Violet: Harmony Levy
Patty: Helen Thordarson
The Little Red Haired Girl: Molly Stuart
Peppermint Patty: Sarah Mitchler
Marcie: Natalie Delsemme
Shermy: Moon Sinjur
Pig Pen: Julie Chase
Benny: Bethany Eschen-Pipes
Eudora: Maddy Mouw
Mimi: Hayley Fick
Lila: Cami Newton
Molly Volley: Emma Roth
Joanne: Savannah Wade
Peggy Jean: Magdalena Cook
Emily: Mea Silverman
Roy: Erik Bracken
Larry: Stephen Bracken

The Dogs:
Snoopy: Ruby Cook
Spike: Sadie Rose Neiblum-Lambkin

The Birds:
Woodstock: Amanda Christie
Conrad: Mairin Torr
Bill: Gaby Gerlach
Oliver: Makenna DePuydt

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Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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